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Maximizing Your LinkedIn Mojo: It's All in the Head(shot)!

Want to ramp up your LinkedIn game without lifting more than a finger? Look no further than updating your headshot to ooze confidence, competence, and that undefinable 'hire me, I'm awesome' vibe. Read on to discover how to make your pixelated self as irresistible as your real one.

The highest impact optimization you can make to your LinkedIn profile might just be updating your headshot to appear confident, competent, and professional.

You’ve got 3 options to choose from, ranked from least expensive ($) to most expensive ($$$)

Take your own DIY headshot ($)

Cost: $0

Why: If you don’t have the money to invest, then you don’t have it. Follow the DIY LinkedIn headshot best practices on this page to end up with the best result possible.

Use a virtual photo studio to generate LinkedIn headshots ($$)

Cost: $29-$49

Why: Generate up to 240 LinkedIn headshots, indistinguishable from a professional portrait. Get the results 2 hours later. 14 day money back guarantee.

Hire a professional headshot photographer ($$$)

Cost: $250-$1,000+

Why: You’re a highly paid business professional who values the human interaction and experience a photographer brings to the table.

Reminder: we’re talking about a one time career investment that could pay for itself many times over if you land a job on LinkedIn.

What does your LinkedIn headshot say about you?

Using a headshot on your LinkedIn profile is non-negotiable.

You could be the stronger candidate across the board and still lose a job opportunity to an Average Joe or Average Jane sporting a mediocre resume paired with a professional LinkedIn headshot.

Come on! This shouldn’t surprise anybody.

According to research done by LinkedIn themselves, having a profile picture makes your profile 14 times more likely to be viewed by others. To understand why, just look at the screenshot below:

This image shows the three scenarios we discussed: no profile pic, a selfie and a good looking headshot. Who do you think would come across at the most serious candidate to a recruiter?

By the way: you might notice that recruiters see quite a small version of your headshot. This means that a professional photographer is probably overkill, and that AI generated headshots hit a sweet spot in terms of price.

I mean, 40 pro-level shots for $29? That's less than a night out with Netflix and takeout. But hey, I get it, some of you are rolling in the 'not so dough' these days.

So for those of you who think a photo shoot budget is a laughable luxury, akin to ordering gold-flake pizza, here's how to selfie your way to LinkedIn semi-stardom without becoming a meme.

If you MUST use a selfie, do it right

If you absolutely must go the selfie way, here are a few pro-tips on looking as professional as possible:

Dress Code: Just Another Manic Monday

Forget a tux or ball gown. Just put on something you'd actually wear to the office. You know, that place you used to visit before Zoom took over your life.

Shed Some Light on the Subject

Use natural light. Not a bright spotlight. It will give you a warm, approachable look, with minimal chances of appearing like a ghost.

Backdrop: Minimalism, Baby!

No one cares about your manicured garden or your vinyl collection in the background. Stick to something simple, like a brick wall or the least offensive wallpaper in your grandma's house.

Pose Like You're a Pro

Photographer Peter Hurley evangelizes a move called the Squinch. No, it's not a dance craze; it's a way to make your face look more appealing in photos. Google it. Thank me later.

Click, Click, Click, Repeat

Take 10 shots. Not happy? Take 20 more. Still frowning? Go for 50. It's not vanity; it's increasing your statistical chance of a decent photo.

LinkedIn's Holy Grail of Image Metrics

LinkedIn insists that your photo should be 400x400 pixels and under 8MB. If you're uploading something more massive, I have to ask: are you trying to upload a pic or a personality?

Exit Strategy

If your selfie stint turns into a dud, remember, there's always the 'delete' button. Or just cough up those 29 bucks and get 40-240 AI headshots without lifting more than a finger. It's like having your cake and, well, putting it on LinkedIn.

Why Recruiters Side-Eye Your LinkedIn Selfie: A Tale of Missed Opportunities

Ah, LinkedIn: the social media platform that’s like the cool cousin of resumes, but still part of the family you only visit on major holidays. With nearly a billion members, it's a veritable sea of faces. But think about a recruiter's life. They're swiping left or right on profiles like they're speed-dating for the perfect hire.

So, what’s on the recruiter's cheat sheet? Your name, job title, location, shared connections, and—drumroll, please—your LinkedIn headshot. Yep, while they're skimming through a literal novel of text, your profile pic is the book cover begging them to take a closer look.

Name? Text. Location? Text. Shared Connections? Text. Headshot? PHOTO! Let the choir sing!

Essentially, recruiters are making split-second judgments based on a snapshot that's a 300x300 pixel speck on the screen. Yet that speck could be your golden ticket to Willy Wonka's employment factory.

Back in the day, securing a good mugshot meant shelling out $200 to $1,000 for a real-life photographer. That's right—a pretty penny for a pixelated you. Fast forward to now, and for $49, you can get 240 versions of your beautiful self, all thanks to the tech gods.

Now, before you professional photographers start clutching your cameras, chill. Your skills are invaluable. A good headshot photographer is like a bartender—they understand you on a personal level and know how to make you look good. The consultation, the experience, the subtle chin tilt—they’ve got it down to an art form.

But let's not snub the newbie on the block: virtual photo studios. These are the life-hacks of the headshot world. For the price of about two craft beers, you can have a bevvy of LinkedIn-ready photos emailed to you faster than you can spell "JPEG."

So, before you choose the selfie that also graces your Tinder profile, consider your options. If you go the DIY route, you're not just breaking recruiter hearts; you might also be breaking your future career.

Should you decide selfies aren't the solution you're after, then the next question becomes : how do I choose a virual photostudio to create my AI headshots? Are they all the same? What should I look out for?

How to choose a Virtual Photo Studio

Ready to spruce up that LinkedIn mugshot but dreading putting on real pants? Listen up, because not all virtual photo studios are created equal. It's like online dating; sure, they might all look good from far away, but not all are guaranteed to hold up well in close scrutiny.

Beware the traps set by enthusiastic coders turned instant-entrepreneurs, eager to make a quick buck on the AI hype train. They'll churn out something that makes you look more like an AI experiment gone wrong than a potential employee of the month.

The silver lining? Choosing a virtual photo studio is way less complicated than choosing a photographer. No need to delve into Yelp reviews and painstakingly cross-check portfolios. No one has time for that kind of emotional labor.

So, let’s get down to brass tacks. If you want AI to etch your face into the LinkedIn Hall of Fame, here are a few golden rules to swear by :

The Jack-of-All-Trades Trap: Just Say No

You know that friend who says they're good at everything but can't commit to a Netflix series, let alone a career path? Don't let your LinkedIn photo be taken by their tech equivalent. Sure, the same whiz-bang algorithms can turn you into a Marvel superhero, Disney princess, or even your favorite meme, but let's face it—you don't want your LinkedIn photo to be a kitchen-sink operation.

The crème de la crème of virtual photo studios are the laser-focused ones. They're not here to make you the next viral TikTok sensation; they're here to make you the face every recruiter wants to click on. Take BetterHeadshots, for example: their one and only mission is to be the Rolls Royce of LinkedIn headshot generators.

Makes perfect sense, doesn't it? Companies that go all-in on creating primo LinkedIn headshots are naturally going to be better than those who are off gallivanting in the tech fields of 'other use cases.' Stay in your lane, folks!

The Spice of Life: Options, Baby, Options!

Ah, the beauty of choice! Think of it like a dating app, but for your professional face. Swipe left on the awkward smiles and right on those boardroom-ready smirks. AI's great, but it's not going to nail your "hire me, I'm fabulous" look every single time. More snaps mean more options, and who doesn't love a buffet?

For the newbies climbing the career ladder, a petite platter of 40 headshots might be just the hors d'oeuvre you need. But if you're angling to be the next Elon Musk or Oprah of your field, why settle for a sampler when you can go for the deluxe smorgasbord of 240 headshots? Play the numbers !

The Seven-Day Rule: It's Not a Rom-Com, It's Your Privacy!

Your face isn't just your meal ticket to corporate glory; it's also a treasure trove of data ripe for misuse. Ever thought of yourself starring in a horror flick called 'My Face Got Sold and Now I'm an Ad for Hemorrhoid Cream'? No? Well, you shouldn't have to.

BetterHeadshots plays the gentleman (or gentlewoman, or gentleAI—pick your pronoun). They hit the 'forget me, please' button and poof! Your data gets Cinderella'd—disappearing within seven days after your order's completed. And if you're the impatient sort? Smack that 'Delete' button in your account settings and consider your digital visage instantaneously vanished. How's that for respecting boundaries?

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